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February 26, 2012
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Blood poured down from a wound in your chest. There was no way to treat it. The gunshot wound. It had gone straight through your armor, right to your heart. Not even a Medkit could heal you now.

"Damn it! Not again, I suck at Halo." You moaned as your side of the spilt screen on the TV flashed 'GAME OVER'. You threw your controller onto the floor as you heard uncontrollable laughter from your left.

"Well, if you own at Resident Evil 4, then I get to own at Halo 2." Said your friend, "anyways, don't game-rage on the controller, it would be so not cool if you broke another one."

But just as you regained your cool, you looked back over to his side of the screen, only to see your virtual dead body being teabagged.

"AL!", you shouted, he started laughing uncontrollably. You watched as his blonde hair quickly turned into a horrible mess as he slid quickly from the couch onto the floor. Where, to your horror, he started to 'rofl'. He soon steadied himself, running his fingers through his hair, trying to straighten it.

"Oh come on, lighten up ___"  he said as he sat back onto the couch, trying to control himself. You, however, crossed your arms over your chest, and turned away from him.

"Im not talking to you, jerk", you said, not really mad, just trying to get out of paying for the next time you got pizza.

"Aw, man, that's not fair", Alfred pouted "I didn't do anything wrong." His face, however, then took on a mischevious grin, as though he had thought of a way to best you, and he walked away, into the kitchen. You were slightly disturbed by this, as it could mean only one thing, and you would still have to pay for pizza.
You hadn't counted on the fact that he had the higher ground. And the higher ground being cupcakes. Which Alfred came back into the room with at least a dozen of.

"Curses! Cupcakes, my only weakness, how did you know?!", you said in a parody of what would have been an 'evil mastermind' voice, "truce then?"

"I never knew we were at war", he said, handing you a cupcake. Which was soon a half of what it once had been.
As you two sat there and ate, it seemed as though something had dawned on Alfred.

"So, you're staying the summer huh? I don't know what we'll do. I don't have enough games for the two of us for all summer!", Alfred said, as his eyes flashed with false terror.
It was true that you were staying over for the summer. Your parents were going to Canada for the summer and couldn't (or so they said) take you. They had speculated leaving you with Antonio, which wouldn't have been a problem, but he was going to his home in Spain for the summer. So they decided to leave you with Alfred, Matthew, and Arthur. And it probably didn't hurt that you had known Al and them since you were small children. Or the fact that nothing could happen with Arthur there. Also the fact that you had been bugging the hell out of them.

"Don't be dramatic Al, we don't have to play video games all the time you know. Anyways, you  promised Arthur that we would go and help him with his desk work"

"Ugh, I forgot about that, damn", Al moaned.

"Well, it was your fault for buying a sixty-dollar game on his credit card in the first place! And it wasn't even that good either! Geez, you can be such a trottle!", you laughed, knowing he wouldn't know what it meant.

"Ok, what the hell is a 'trottle'?", he asked, utterly confused.

"It means idiot in German and- Ow!"

"I told you! Im a hero, not a dottle!", he said, as he punctuated each word with a punch to the arm.

"It. Is. Trottle!" you said, beginning to retaliate.

The two of you scuffled for quite a while, punching and kicking. Getting a few bruises, but nothing too bad as far as either of you could tell. That was, until Arthur walked into the living room.
An AmericaxReader. not a one-shot, there will be more chapters coming out soon. the upload is a rush, so forgive any mistakes. i do not own Hetalia, or you, just the idea ;3 .
-edit 9/8/12- wow, thanks for the views guys! also, I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW SHORT THIS CHAPTER IS COMPARED TO THE OTHERS. wow.

Chapter 1- you are here
Chapter 2- [link]
Chapter 3- [link]
Chapter 4- [link]
Chapter 5- coming soon~

You belong to :iconimtheheroplz:
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
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