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February 27, 2013
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Was it a crash from your doorway?

It was.

You heard a loud BAM from your doorway, jumping up and promptly falling out of your bed and flat onto your face- ow. Ow. Fucking ow.

You looked up to see an angry Karkat wearing a way-large sweater, even by his standards, it was almost to his kness! And he’d kicked your door inwards and was now glaring at you. Holy crap that was cute.

“Hey there Kitkat. Sup” you asked, putting an arm underneath your head as if you hadn’t fallen- nah, man, you totally planned that. You were just that cool…

Yeah, you were really bad at this. You blamed Dave.

“Don’t you fucking DARE start with me nookwhiff!” he growled at you, stepping into your room and kicking the door closed. “This is YOUR fault! You did the laundry- hell, what the fuck DID you even do!?”

“No idea what you’re talking about”

“Oh, fine then. _______ do you not see that I’m fucking entrenched in this gogdamn sweater!?”

“Entrenched. Huh. That’s a new one- didn’t Dave use that on Tav once?”

“Don’t change the subject! Ugh! I cannot fucking believe how stupid you can be! How do you fucking enlarge all the laundry!?”

“Oh come on Karkat, it’s not that bad. You actually don’t look very different than usual” you laughed, pushing yourself up off the floor finally and dusting yourself off.

Karkat just deadpanned. You could be such a pain in the ass sometimes, which made it painful sometimes to have to deal with you and your seemingly oblivious tendencies….


“So, are you going to get out of my room anytime soon, or do I have to call Kankri in here to give you a lecture?”

“Oh fuck you.”

“Whatever you say Kitkat.” You shrugged. It was actually really fun to act like a coolkid, even more so because of how much it pissed him off. You moved to take your seat at your desk to go onto your laptop, maybe troll around youtube or talk to your moirail a little.

Karkat saw you moving to sit down, blocking you and sitting down in your chair first with a defiant glare. You looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

“Now, you either find a way to fix this, or I will stay in here and make fuckass alarm clock noises until you do” he crossed his arms.

“Karkat, is that really necessary-“

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” he started- oh gog, he wasn’t seriously doing that again. Last time, he hadn’t stopped for an hour and a half when he started. Basically, Dave had slept over and told you both to wake him at a certain time if his alarm clock didn’t wake him up. Suffice to say, it didn’t and you tried everything from pulling his hair to insulting his irony. Karkat started making that annoying as hell alarm clock noise. It took a while, but it got Dave up. Even if it did mean he punched Karkat in the face and threw you into a pile of smuppets.

You clasped your hands over your ears- the guy knew how to yell. “Jegus Karkat! Is this REALLY necessary?!”


Your eyebrow twitched before swinging over and sitting on him, facing your computer and flicking it on, shoving a pair of headphones into your ears- they blocked out noise pretty well. Not that you really needed them, as you’d both a.knocked the air out of him slightly, and b.invaded his personal space and making him wriggle to try and get you off. You couldn’t see it, but the tips of his ears tingeing a bright red.

It didn’t take too long before he yanked the headphones from your ears, tossing them somewhere into your room, probably not going to be found for another three months with your room being the fucking Bermuda triangle.

“Hey, I said GET OFF. You’re in my fucking personal space fuckass!”

“Well, you wouldn’t move. Plus, this is my chair. Why, you uncomfortable? Too bad.” You smirked, getting comfortable.

He frowned behind you. This was some sort of game to you- making him vaguely uncomfortable. Two could play at this game.

Karkat shifted beneath you, and a few seconds later, your vision went dark before brightening again. Karkat had brought his sweater up and over you so you were both inside it. You could feel his arms around you, fixing the sweater in the front and keeping your back pressed against his front.

“Karkat- what the holy hell are you doing?!” you asked, unsure how to get out of this “You’re in MY personal space.”

“Hmph. Why the hell should I care, you didn’t” he said, making you tense as you could feel his warm breath over your neck. “Really, you always act so fucking cool about everything EXCEPT for this shit. Flirting? Pff, you’re practically made of innuendos. But you never seem to like it much when I do anything…I mean jegus, obvious flushcrush much?”

It startled you to hear a light chuckling behind you. Okay, so this may have been a bad idea on your part to get the master of romcoms riled up about something.

“Kitkat, you must be out yo’ cotton candy lovin’ mind if you think that’s going to get me to confess to anything”

“Will you stop being such an insensitive bitch for ONCE in your fucking life?! Why cant you just fucking tell me if you like me or not so I don’t have to fucking wonder all the gogdamn time if I you hate me, love me, or are just fucking creeped out by me. Why cant you just stop being so fucking cagey?!” he snapped at you, hands on your waist tightening and turning you to look you directly in the eyes.

“wow, way to win the award for using ‘fuck’ the most times in a sentence ever” you said for lack of better comeback, trying to keep a strider expression that only half worked. It kept you from showing the amount of outfreak you were having, but didn’t prevent your face from warming.

“You’re still not answering the fucking question.”

“what? Why’m I such a bitch? Simply in my blood Karkit-“

“No, I mean after that. Fuckass.”

“Oh. That. Well… you can be a little creepy sometimes when you start ranting about bu-”


“-ckets, but that’s about it. Besides that, I really cant say I DON’T like you…” you said with a grin.

“…so you DO have flushcrush on me?”

“You figure it out.”

“Fine then. I will” he took hold of your face before crashing your lips together unsteadily. It was sloppy at first, but once you both found a rhythm, it took a softer, more gentler tone with his lips working against yours. You were still for a few moments into it, but kissed back in an answer. It was a few moments after you really began kissing him back that he broke it, leaning his forehead against yours.

“So, Karkitty, do I have to ask, or will you?” you asked with a cheesy grin.

“Don’t get cocky ______....but will you be my matesprit, now and in the future-even when I start acting like a fuckass and yelling, and when you get into your bitchy moodswings?”

“You shouldn’t even have to ask. Of course.” You nodded with an actual smile this time, causing him to give an almost-smile and press his lips against your cheek peacefully… this would end well.

~Extended Endinggggggg~

You heard a ding from your laptop not too long afterwards, you were still in Karkats lap and his arms were resting on your hips and his chin was on your shoulder, watching you.

-- turntechGodhead [tG] began pestering –chumHandle- [cH] at 04:13 –

TG: dude.
TG: I know what happened.
TG: And really bro, Vantas?
TG: of all trolls or humans, you got with alarm-clock Karkat Vantas.
(CH): Dave. Dude, I know you ~aid you have moirail ~en~e~, but how the HELL did you know that?
TG: Well, for one, I’m a Strider.
(CH): And what’~ two?
TG: You keep your windows open.
(CH): wait, what?

-- turntechGodhead [tG] ceased pestering chumHandle [cH]  at 04:16 –


You got the feeling your ‘quadrents’ were going to be sorely tried by your moirail and your matesprit.
Yeah, this took awhile, but here it is! Hope ya'll enjoy it! This is the final sweater part to the choose your sweater.

Homestuck belongs to :iconandrewhussieplz:

You belong to :iconsexykarkatplz:

A big thanks to :iconnatsudragneel01: for letting me use her artwork, as it prompted me to start this series in the first place.

Beginning: [link]
Yelling from a few rooms away: [link]
A crash from downstairs: [link]
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